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  • Hello my name is Matthew Martin, we should work together.

    I have over six years experience working in the video games industry with four released titles and I am always looking for a challenge. I am passionate about creating great games, it is why I get out of bed in the morning.

    Creative • Driven • Ambitious • Gamer

    If you would like to work with me please contact mematt@gurumatt.com

  • 6+ years of industry experience with 4 released titles.

    I have worked in QA and as a 3D Environment Modeller, now I am looking for my next challenge. I enjoy motivating and encouraging teams to achieve results. I thrive at collaborating with creative people in a team environment.

    Honest • Coherent • Reliable • Adaptable

    If you would like to work with me please contact mematt@gurumatt.com

  • I have a creative background, and can get results out of a team.

    I am capable of prioritising tasks and solving cross team problems in high pressure environments while working to tight deadlines. When I am not working I enjoy socialising with friends and watching horror films.

    Focused • Problem Solver • Team Player

    If you would like to work with me please contact mematt@gurumatt.com

Pascal Blanché

Art Director, Jagex

I had great pleasure working with Matt for the last 18 months. He is very creative, pushing the visuals while delivering always on time. But that's only his basic set of skill. Matt also proved many times that he was able to handle a full graphical project and showcased great leadership and managing skills. Matt is really a great guy to work with, always up for more ...with a smile.

Christoph Vietzke

Head of RuneScape, Jagex

Matt is one of the few creative people that I met that have producing skills, too. The graphics part of one of the biggest projects that was ever started, the Clan Citadels, was exclusively led by Matt who managed to push the quality of assets to new heights while keeping the budget under control. He was in equal parts liked and respected by his peers in his and other teams, and was always the first choice for his superiors when a exceptionally tricky project started. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt in equal parts for production and for modelling jobs.

Chihiro Yamada

Senior Game Designer, Jagex

Matt and I worked most closely together on the 'Year of the Clan' projects for RuneScape as Graphical and Design leads respectively. Matt showed commitment and ownership of a huge and graphically technically complex undertaking. Even with the pressures of a tight deadline and too much to do, Matt was great to work with and I'd enjoy working with him again. Matt is always enthusiastic about supporting great gameplay. He's not shy with his opinion, but pragmatic and hard-working when needed.

Joseph Redstall

Art Director, Jagex

Matt has shown excellent ability and working knowledge of all our custom in-house tools and game engine (and more importantly how to get the best possible results out of them). This ranges from mesh editing, texturing and world building tools, as well as being a solid 3dsMax artist. I have seen Matt apply this knowledge to mentoring and training new starters, as well as liaising directly with Engine and Tools coders when needed to push for ongoing improvements. Matt has continued to take on more responsibility in my team as a Senior Modeller and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others